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About Us

About Samantha

Hello! Welcome to my sweet world of candy buffets and accessorizes!

I love candy and parties!! It all started in 2011 when I got engaged to my wonderful husband. During the wedding planning I knew I wanted a candy buffet. After spending hours on research I decided to a DIY candy buffet. After my wedding I realized how creative I was and how fun it was to bring my idea to life. Sweet Love Candy Buffet Company was born in my home office in 2012. Soon after that I opened my Etsy shop Sweet Love Candy.

A great deal has changed since 2012. I had my adorable son Justin this past year and decided to open up an online store. With so many people tackling the DIY projects this is a perfect way to help you achieve your party inspirations.

Sweet Love Candy Buffet Company still is a home based business but is growing everyday. I am looking forward to all the exciting things coming in the near future. For instance, bulk candy coming your way soon!

With so many options available on the internet I truly appreciate every single one of your purchases. Thank you so much for choosing Sweet Love Candy for your party needs!

Love, Laugh, Eat Candy!